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free graphic resources psd


This section contains the list of deliverables of the project and the links to those designated as public

Documents passwords are available on request form the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Deliverable 1 is report about the dissemination and training

Annex 1  is form to used to collect relevant information for the exploitation plan

Deliverable 2 is this web site of the project 

Deliverable 3 consists of the delivery of Augmented Sensing Object described in the report

Deliverable 4 is a report describing the Protocol for the corpus of sensed grasp and handling data

Deliverable 5 is report on Sensor System Specification and Evaluation of Different Methods for Object Recognition

Deliverable 6 is a report describing the tactile sensing for data gloves

Deliverable 7 consists of set of motion planning software routines accompanied by a report containing a survey and description

Deliverable 8 consists of a report and physical delivery of the first Robot Hardware Platform

Deliverable 9 is the second hardware platform consisting in a robot hand (demonstrator) and the report describing the system.

Deliverable 10 consists of  a report describing the annotated datasets of human grasp and in-hand manipulation recorded data and the associated tools.

Deliverable 11 consists of a report describing the actuator and structure technologies design and evaluation.

Deliverable 12 consists of report describing the work done on hand-state models of human grasping and manipulation skills and the experimental results 

Deliverable 13 consists of a report describing algorithms and methods for planning the grasping of objects for manipulation and for planning the in-hand manipulation

Deliverable 14 consists of report describing the work done relevant to improving known actions from motor bubbling.

Deliverable 15 is report about the organized Workshops and Summer Schools. It include annexes with the documentation collected from the described events: Annex1(87Mb), Annex2(135Mb), Annex3 (7Mb), Annex4 (7Mb) and Annex5 (37Mb).

Deliverable 16. This report provides a description of the design rationale of the future hand developed in  WP7, along with the theoretical studies and the main guidelines for practical implementation.

Deliverable 17. This deliverable provides a segmentation and motion encoding technique. An automatic encoding will be provided based on existing Bayesian learning and inference package.

Deliverable 18. This report describes the Visual and Tactile Perception Algorithms for Grasping developed as part of WP4.

Deliverable 19. This report is the design document of the embedded electronic (Electronic scheme, netlist …) and the low level control command software.

Deliverable 20. This report contains the study and design details of the artificial skin and the performance results of prototypes.

Deliverable 21. Consist of a set of motion primitives obtained from hand-state models of human skills adapted and optimized for an artificial hand.

Deliverable 22. Is a report describing the low level control algorithms. The low level control algorithms are produced here in the form of a toolbox with the designed control strategies: Hybrid force-position control, visual servoing...

Deliverable 23. is the final report concluding the work of the work package WP4. It summarises the achievements and evaluation of the designed and tested algorithms and integrated systems.

Deliverable 24. A report with the description of the developed methods and algorithms for creating new actions: parametrization of action descriptions, definition of action space metrics to measure similarity in motor terms, clustering in the action space to create new motor primitives.

Deliverable 25. Full hand prototype including all the developments of WP7 and software architecture for the
integration and the high level control command of the hand.

Deliverable 26. Algorithms  for  adapting  the  grasping  skills  in  real-time  with  tactile  and  force  information. These are a set of routines integrating the real-time grasp adaptation developed in WP 3 (improving skills).
Deliverable 27. Final demonstration platform. Based on outputs from WP 7 (Technologies for future hands).
Deliverable 28. Algorithms for optimal control and cost function choice under experimental data. This represents the designed optimal control programs implementing the cost functions chosen from manipulation experiments.
Deliverable 29. Imitation of human in-hand manipulation tasks. Theory and methods for imitation of manipulation tasks supporting the enhanced motion primitives and perception capabilities of the robot.
Deliverable 30. Discovering new affordances from behavioural babbling (Month 48). Description  of  methods  and  algorithms  developed  in  Task  3.3  for  discovering  new  affordances: behavioural babbling, updating affordance knowledge, clustering effects and object features, learning from mistakes.
Deliverable 31. Developmental methods in exploratory learning (Month 48). Description  of  methods  and  algorithms  developed  in  Task  3.4  for  complexity  reduction  in exploratory learning in high-dimensional spaces.